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Liquid Extraction Pilot Plants

Liquid-liquid extraction is a complex separation process in which the valuable components are extracted from the feed stream with the help of an extractant, or solvent. The components to be extracted have a different solubility in the two immiscible, or partially miscible, liquids. Both liquids have to be thoroughly contacted and subsequently separated. The liquids flow counter-currently and the required purity and yield determines the number of separation stages

Many Binary Mixtures has Relative volatility nears to unity so it is very difficult to separate by distillation In API industries in final product Heat exposure leads to degradation and leads to value loss. In such cases, Extraction is the Favourite tool for Separation of Binary Mixture.

Extraction is, therefore, a preliminary stage prior to subsequent separation by distillation.

A large inter phase in the extraction apparatus for substance exchange is necessary to ensure that the valuable substance can dissolve from phase A to B.

Glass units provide beside their universal inertness the great benefit to observe the mixing and separation process enabling their easy optimization.

SUPER TM Offers different Extraction solutions

  • Mixer-settlers, both as stand-alone and as in-column type, are offered for special applications. Due to the pump-mix turbine, no additional feed pumps are required in most cases.
  • Continuous Packed Bed Liquid Extraction
  • The key benefit of a packed column is the high throughput which leads to small column diameters. Together with specially adapted liquid distributors, our structured packing provides the best extraction performance
  • Agitated Extraction Column
  • In applications with high mass transfer and/or changing physical properties, this is the column of choice. The compartment geometry can be adapted to compensate for changing conditions resulting in a constant high column performance. The main features are the special mixing turbines and the perforated partition plates.
  • Pulsed Extraction Column

All Items can be coupled with Computers for Control and Data Acquisition through SCADA.

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