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Glass Mixer Settler

SuperTM Offers Mixer –settler Sizes from 100DN to 600 DN

The required Extraction in the mixing zone is produced in the mixer settler by stirring the two phases, which separate again in the settling zone .

The two phases are Mixed in and dispersed with each other by the speed-controlled stirrer in the mixer chamber. The two chambers can be separated by a double weir.

For the height adjustment of the phase separation layer in the settler, the glass apparatus has an overflow for the heavy phase which is height-adjustable during the process.

Liquid/liquid extractions in the mixer settler have the advantage that they can be operated Batch wise and with fluctuating product flows and difficult to separate mixtures

The concentration profile through the stages is maintained, even when there are interruptions. This makes the mixer settler becomes choice for research and development tasks, although it is also used in production with low separation stage figure


Multi-stage version

Process control system and data recording

Heating jacket

Temperature measurement in the settler

For Difficult Separations ,Special Static Mixers are available for increase in residence time and break emulsions Thus Efficient separation

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