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Column internals for Glass and Glass lined Columns

Column internals for Glass and Glass lined Columns

Glass Column Internals

We are pioneers in manufacturing of various column internals since past more than three decades. Our column internals are designed to deliver superior performance.

Column Packings :-

Random Packings

Raschig Rings (MOC – Borosilicate Glass / PTFE)

Pall Rings (MOC – Borosilicate Glass / PTFE

Structure Packings

Structured Packings (MOC – Ceramic / Borosilicate Glass / PTFE)

Packing Supports and Retainers

We have standard and Specilised Packing supports for glass columns which enhances Distillation column efficiency and performance upto 1 Meter diameter

We offer various Packing supports depending on process Application We offer for Packing support plate assembly with PTFE Plate and Glass Riser Set up which have more than 1005 cross sectional area for glass lined columns for more than 1500 MM Diameter

Liquid Distributors and Re-distributors

We have expertise in liquid distribution and redistributiors.Whem column diameter is larger than 300DN ,for column performance it is necessary to have best liquid distribution over Packed Bad to avoid channeling and use of Maximum height of Packed bed

Reflux Dividers
MOC – Borosilicate Glass

Feed Sections
(For liquid and gaseous feeds)

Feed section for gas and liquid plays important role in maximizing performance of Distillation and absorption column.We offer feed sections upto 800DNColumns

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