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Fractional Distillation Unit

This is a general purpose batch distillation unit which is operated at Atmospheric pressure or vacuum and can separate binary mixture with high relative volatility

The unit is complete with a spherical vessel, drain valve, heating bath, thermometer pocket, liquid addition vessel, stirrer, drive, coil condenser, vapor pipeline, reflux divider, product cooler, receiver with drain valve.

Refer Selection chart for different options available for heating system, vessel, stirrers, drives, speed regulators and receivers.

While heating bath heats and evaporates the contents of the vessel.Fractionating column with glass packing enhancing mass and Heat transfer and get separate both compounds based on Relative volatility and reflux ration. Vapors enter the condenser through reflux divider, and get condensed. The condensate is then cooled by a product cooler and collected into a receiver

Standard Units are Available for Capacity of 20 lit ,50lit ,100 Litre.200 litre,300 Litre Spherical Flask and up to 500 Liter for cylindrical vessel

Unit Reactor Bath Addition Column Rashig Rings Conderser Cooler HTA M2 Receiver
Cat.Ref. Capacity KW Vessel Size,1Mt HTA M2 Size
FRDU20 20 L 4.5 2 L 80 DN 6 x 6 0.35 0.1 5L
FRDU50 50 L 6 5 L 100 DN 9 x 9 0.5 0.2 10L
FRDU100 100 L 8 10 L 150 DN 15 x 15 1.5 0.35 20L
FRDU200 200 L 10 20 L 150 DN 15 x 15 1.5 0.35 20L
FRDU300 300 L 12 20 L 225 DN 15 x 15 2.5 0.5 20L
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