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Bromine production plant

Super Industrial Lining Pvt. Limited offers bromine production plants with the proven process know How .Bromine is widely used in the manufacturing of Fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and Fire retardant chemical . SILPL has designed, installed and commissioned more than 10 plants within the last 20 years.

Bromine is available in nature as magnesium bromide in seawater in minute quantities say 0.065 Gram /liter. With the solar evaporation of water in salt, farms result in crystallization of salt. After removal of salt , remaining mother liquor-sea Bittern is rich in Bromine content say 2.5-4 GPL. This content can be economically recovered using a hot process to produce elemental bromine.

As Bromine itself is highly corrosive manufacturing process is at the higher temperature; SILPL offers complete plant with a special corrosion resistant material of construction with purity complies with Indian Government standard IS 2142.

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