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Agitated Extractor

In applications with high mass transfer and/or changing physical properties, this is the column of choice. The compartment geometry can be adapted to compensate for changing conditions resulting in a constant high column performance. The main features are the special mixing turbines and the perforated partition plates.

It is also called Kerr Column or Kuhni Column or Schebke Column.Design of each column may be

During tests, the observation of the flow phenomena is particularly important,
All glass parts are 3.3.borosilicate glass. Other norms are deliverable

Internal parts made of Stainless Steel, PTFE/glass fiber, Plastic, Plastic-coated

Type designation TYPE SUPER ALE 300-10

300 Column diameter mm

10 Number of agitation compartments

Exclusively testing columns DN100 and DN150 Column length is variable, can be freely modified by assembling the column sections with 10 agitated compartments each.

Since pilot tests always require large quantities of product, it is often preferable to do the testing at the customer's site, where the required product quantities are available, and even more importantly, where the produced extract and raffinate streams can be recycled or treated in some way

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